Thanks for stopping by my website and the home of all things Metal Prodigy Series.  I hope you’ll kick back and think about sticking around for a while.  This is your one stop shop to learn about my works, see what makes me tick and read for yourselves what inspires me.

For my fans and avid readers, thank you again for your diligence with stalking me to the best of your ability.  I know I change things around here often, but you’ve discovered the fastest way to learn about all the latest updates and what’s going on in my head.  I can only cram so much on Facebook.  With that said, let’s talk about the final installment for the beloved fictional band Hells Redemption and book five of the Metal Prodigy Series, Isolation.

Just as Doc wants HR’s album Repent to be his swan song before retirement, I too desire this last installment in this series to be mine.  Of all the books in it, this one to me is the most important because it’s the last in a series that launched my writing career.  I mean, how do you say goodbye to such a unique group of characters while at the same time granting them all the sendoff they deserve?  Hence, the delay in this book's release.

I had good intentions with cranking this thing out in my standard three to six-month time frame and ending the 2016 year with a bang, but of course as you all know, that didn’t happen.  It was painful for me to change the release date, for I’ve never done that before.  Now, I’m battling through the agony of doing it yet again, but my gut is telling me it’s the right thing to do because what you the reader will end up finding out about these characters is important to me.  Unlike my other releases, I’m not going to adhere to the industry standard publishing rules with limiting the ultimate word or page count.  Nope, I’m going to let this bitch simply ride.  Of course, I have a goal of how many chapters and the total words this thing should be, but if I surpass it?  Well then, so be it.  The story will have been told.

With me taking a step back and deciding to write the book I want to versus what’s expected, there are going to be consequences to 2017’s release schedule.  For those of you who have been teased and dare I say titillated with Rider Lockmore’s book Justification, don’t worry, he’s still up next.  However, the remaining releases for the year either must be scrapped or rescheduled due to my commitment to not delaying the much-anticipated Hells Redemption Series due out next year.  Believe me, it’s not just Alex whose worried about a bunch of women coming at her with a bunch of pitchforks, knives, guns and torches ready to take her out.  I know you all would never forgive me if I didn’t feed your curiosity about Cole, Seth, Drake and Hiatt.

So, with my wheels forever spinning, I came up with a solution.  Part of it you won’t like, but I think you will all overall appreciate my decision since it ultimately solves a problem for me and grants all of you a wish.

Isolation will be released in late July of 2017.  Next, I’m going to take the time which hasn’t been afforded to me thanks to life happening despite my best efforts and revamp the entire series.  This includes knocking out some unnecessary words in the first two novels to lower the word count and therefore, the page count, redoing the covers, pitching this entire thing to an actual publishing house and whether this series is picked up or not, re-releasing the EBook’s and all the tiles in paperback.  Believe me when I say, this is not going to be an easy undertaking and I need the time to get it right.  One of the key factors in not releasing my titles in paperback has been the price point.  To sell my books at an affordable price while at the same time allowing some sort of commission, whether I’m self-distributing or a publishing house is, means trimming these suckers down.  Being an electronic author, I’ve never had to worry about this, but now that I’m trying to be an actual author with her books on shelves everywhere, it’s a big factor.  I’m going to do my best and attempt to achieve this goal, but again, I need the time in my schedule to do this.

So, in the “Coming Soon” section of this site, you’ll find my solution to the conundrum and hopefully, now understand why.  I hope in the end of all of this, you’ll gain a better appreciation for writers and the pains they go through to produce a work.  It’s not easy by any means and I’ve learned quite a bit since I started this adventure in 2013, but what ultimately matters to me is that I not only get it right, but that I’ll have told a great story.

With Respect – J.S.

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