Book 3.5 - Metal Prodigy Series

Standalone - Metal Prodigy Series

Minus or Plus?  Negative or Positive?  One Dot or Two?  Not Pregnant or… Pregnant?

     For the gang of the Heavy-Metal group Hells Redemption, however you pose the question affects the future. In a good or a bad way depends on who you ask.  One thing they all agree on though, it sure is fun to try.
     Each one of the band members are successful in their post musical careers, but aren’t getting any younger.   Dreams of sailing off into the sunset could be curtailed if they’re still stuck running to the store to buy more diapers.  On the other hand, some still desire to pass on their legacy and have their coupons ready to scan.
     Readers are invited to enjoy five sexy short stories of how the future generation of rockers came into existence.  Well, some of them at least.
     Admit it.  You’ve been dying to know.

     This is…


Book 2 - Metal Prodigy Series

     The child musical prodigy who grew up turning down an offered position with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra to pursue her dream of being the greatest Heavy-Metal guitarist in music history is now well on her way to turning that dream into a reality.
     The five gorgeous hunks comprising of the greatest modern-day Heavy-Metal band Hells Redemption has embraced this blue eyed, brown-haired beauty as one of their own and continue to day in and day out marvel at her astounding talent on strings.
     While the bonds of friendship are strong, they can still be prone to breaking.   A contract designed to protect them all from any irreparable harm to the band or to their careers is now setting out to become a cause for deep-rooted resentment for Alex.
     Alex is dealing the best she can with her unwanted childhood celebrity past being exposed and the decisions she is now being forced into making along with coming to terms with the inevitable death of the monster who made her an unwelcome childhood celebrity.
     Now accepting her scars and therefore, embracing love in her life with a man, Alex has a new set of choices to make for her life and her professional one.  Can the two work synchronously together, or do the two have to be as mutually exclusive as her own personality is with A.G.’s?
     Our past’s can either dictate who we are today, or help shape who we desire to be. 
     Alex's choices continue.  Alex's story continues.  Alex begins to take her individual destiny in her own hands as she deals with all of these new choices.  Her ultimate challenge, however, is still ahead of her.
     Alex's story continues to be told and in it, Alex finds her own...


Book 2.5 - Metal Prodigy Series

     How does a child musical prodigy who was left for dead by the mafia at the age of three in a cardboard box discarded next to a blue dumpster in a South Philadelphia neighborhood alley wind up becoming the lead guitarist for one of the world's most successful Heavy Metal Bands… Hells Redemption?
     The beginning of Alex's young life was tragic and should have been the end, but a Nun and a Priest who ended up rescuing her then later raising her determined that surely a predetermined destiny wasn't to be for Alex.
     Despite her conservative and secluded upbringing, Alex wants to prove herself to be anything but a foregone conclusion, especially when she strives to not only succeed, but dominate the music genre that she loves more than anything with her natural God given talent.
     With dreams of becoming nothing but one of Heavy Metal's Music's most legendary guitarist's of all time, and at the same time proving that a woman can indeed melt faces off just as well as any man, Alex is determined and focused to let nothing stand in her way, not even her past.
     Can Alex achieve her dream while keeping her anonymous childhood celebrity status a tightly guarded secret?  Can Alex guard the physical and mental scars she bares from her past, even if that means never physically acting on love?  Can Alex really achieve all that she wants while still maintaining her integrity and the values she was raised with?
     We can choose to allow our pasts dictate who we are or who society decides we are destined to be, or we can embrace that we truly are only defined in this life by the choices we make now.
     These are Alex's choices, this is Alex's story and in turn become's Alex's…


Book 1 - Metal Prodigy Series

Are you a fan of The Metal Prodigy Series?  Want an exclusive insider’s look as to how it was conceptualized and created?  Desire to know the band’s final thoughts as this series comes to a close?  What exactly would A.G. tell Strings Magazine today?  How about a sneak peek at the synopsis for all four books in the Hells Redemption Series?  What did J.S. leave out of Isolation?

If you’re dying to know, then this is the book for you, this is…


     Never in a million years did John Lucas, the world famous bassist for the greatest metal band in the world, Hells Redemption ever think he’d be this successful in his life.  Growing up in a hippie commune outside of a one stop light town in New Mexico, he once believed his chances of venturing outside of it, let alone playing music, were slim to none.
     Now he’s a part of a Heavy-Metal empire, married to a future legendary guitarist and laying the ground work for a life after the cheers from the crowd fade away.
     Starting your own music label isn’t going to be without it’s headaches, but the feeling as if nothing can seem to go right can wear you down after a while.  Outside of his wife’s project with her own band who is taking the rock world by storm, he needs to prove he can catapult a once unknown indie group all on his own, without riding the coattails of the successful group he’s a part of or married to.
     White Dove Massacre, C.S. Records newest act may just do that.  The four young men from Philadelphia desire to be the next greatest band to come out of the City of Brotherly Love since Breaking Benjamin.  They were thrilled to not only be signed by a record label, but one belonging to their idol, John Lucas.  However, is their admiration for the man clouding their judgement to do what’s best for their future?  Up to this point, his decisions haven’t been too beneficial.
     Can John prove his label is right place for them and that he can propel them up the ladder of success on the music charts?  Only time will tell, and this is of course banking on the fact, one more thing will not go wrong.
     So far, things aren’t looking to promising as his band who is headlining tonight’s show may be out of commission due to their lead guitarist being hospitalized.
     This is John’s journey and the story of how he handles the stress and pressure of everyone’s feeling of wonder, pleasure and approval of him; in other words, how he handles their…


     After presenting an award at the Echo Music Awards in Berlin, A.G. is all anyone can talk about due to a killer dress that does not leave a lot to the imagination.  In one night she became a media sensation and the dress has been deemed a must have for the season.  Her stylist is thrilled, the designer is shot straight to the head of the fashion world, Hells Redemption receives even more great publicity in choosing a woman as their lead guitarist and A.G. Hattabaugh becomes Heavy-Metal’s newest “It Girl”.
     However, there’s just one problem, her secret boyfriend is far from amused.  Radiating his disapproval about the dress throughout the night, John devises a secret plan to discuss why she chose such a revealing ensemble despite his feelings about her suggestive wardrobe selections and his wish that she make better ones in the future.
     What happens next proves that if you must be frustrated at the person you love, it’s best to take it out on them in bed.  Way more fun and far more productive than yelling, unless you are in ecstasy of course.
     Throughout the night, John reveals his trepidation about their relationship, whom he is to Alex and the choice they are making about keeping their relationship a secret to protect her career and the tour.


Book 5.5 -  Metal Prodigy Series

Book 3 - Metal Prodigy Series

Five yummy, tattooed, pierced Heavy-Metal badasses, a lead guitarist who is every man’s wet dream, a life altering event, infidelity, one dead pimp, several dead hookers, a mad man, three villains, an outlaw biker who can’t shoot straight, two new declarations of love, some overdue conversations, a too handsome for his own good New York Times Best Selling Author, the next Mrs. Doc Madison, true colors revealed, bullets flying, a band member shot, a female FBI badass who thankfully has great aim, and a cliff hanger so over the top, being shoved off the roof of the Sears tower in Chicago with no parachute pales in comparison.

Alex’s world is about to be turned upside down, inside out, shaken and then drop kicked.  Life isn’t always predictable or easy, especially when we have to reconcile ourselves with the choices we’ve made and the ones we will make in the future.

These continue to be Alex’s choices as well as her story and ultimately her… 


Hells Redemption had been lucky to have the success they’ve had thus far.
     They owed a large part to one of the greatest managers in music, Doc Madison. His assistant, the beautiful yet ruthlessly mean and efficient Angela Ramirez is his right hand. He’s grooming her to take his place, and this means allowing no distractions that could stop her from running a management empire.
     A strict, uncompromising rule had been issued with regards to all things romantic for his assistant and any client he represents. She is off limits. Doc won’t allow unnecessary risks, let alone losing her, because one of his clients can’t keep it in his pants. Musicians live the lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll and make no apologies for it. The last thing he wants to see is her suffering from a broken heart because one of them used her just to add a notch to a bedpost. In fact, he’d made the penalty for disobeying this mandate so severe everyone adhered to it… until now.
     Magnetic charm, fascination, allurement, enticement, and the subtle attraction to each other have always been the case between Drake Mitchell and Angela Ramirez. However, with finally indulging in their desires, they are putting the future of the world’s greatest Heavy-Metal band at risk.
     Attraction is a dangerous thing, as it inevitably leads to temptation. When the two collide, all one can do is succumb to the pleasure and magnetic forces that acts between oppositely charged bodies, tending to draw them together.
     This is a brief glimpse into the life of a music superstar with a panty-combusting smile, and a gorgeous Latin beauty who holds her own and makes no apologies for anything. This is the story of their ...


Book 4 - Metal Prodigy Series

Book 5 - Metal Prodigy Series

In the final installment of Alex’s story, the choices she is about to make to begin the next phase of her life may isolate her from the band she loves more than anything.  In fact, all the members of Hells Redemption are contemplating the decision whether to continue living the dream of music, fame and fortune or simply go quietly into the good night and hope they’ll at least be remembered fondly.

The man who raised her, Father Martin Xavier Thomas, is also making some life changing decisions.  What will result from his self-induced isolation?    The extended family in Alex’s life have important things to consider as well.   Will what they elect to do protect her and possibly the entire world?  Can they find the madman slated to rule the earth, who also happens to hold a claim to her since she was three years old?

How will it all end?  Will their choices serve them well, or end up putting them all in a state of…


Book 4.5 - Metal Prodigy Series

None of us are immune from a particular course of action in this lifetime, it surrounds us and is a constant presence.  It all began with Eve in the garden and forever reminds us, it’s tough to resist.

Our choices in this lifetime define who we are and how we are to be remembered, and Alex’s journey continues with five tattooed, foul mouthed, sexy and talented men comprising of the greatest Heavy-Metal band in the world.  New surprises unfold with this gregarious bunch and even bigger choices now have to be made.

When it comes down to it, it’s a huge bite of the apple for some, but for Alex, could it be too much?  Succumbing and giving in to the urge to do the opposite of what you believe in is the ultimate test and for most, the easy way out.

This continues to be Alex’s story, these continue to be her choices and now she comes face to face with…