Mister Black - P.T. Michelle 3 Stars

Whether short or long in the end is irrelevant to me because what matters at the end of the day is character development. The writer left too many holes in my opinion about the heroine and at the end of the day, left me hating her. Maybe I missed something, but the writer did not explain enough to satisfy the reader about what happened to Talia's little sister. Instead, you're left with the impression she killed her, was escaping, came back only to find evidence being conveniently burned to the ground. The aunt's reaction to it all is what also confused me. Why was she not in hysterics that the baby was burning to death and possibly her husband? Then we mysteriously skip ahead 8 years and thanks to the selling of an expensive watch, all is well in the universe? Oh please. The story picks up with the two main characters reuniting and we get to the steamy love scene, but looking at the publication date of this work, the writer during this time fell into the trap of copying phrases and mannerisms from a notable BDSM writer and you the reader will find yourself rolling your eyes as I did. It's a good lead into the second book, being a cliffhanger writer myself I can appreciate this, but my distaste for what the heroine may or may not have done to her little sister left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and I will not be using the second book in the series to wash it out.

Rock My Body -

Michelle A. Valentine - 4 Stars

I’m still puzzled why it took so long for me to read the final book in this terrific series, but I finally did and enjoyed it very much.  The reason for the lack of a five star rating was it left me a bit disjointed.  I felt this final book in the series didn't have the angst and passion the other books did and the epilogue didn’t finish it off with the flourish I was expecting.  Overall, I’d read this series again and Michelle is still one of my rock stars.   I look forward to reading her other series and her writing has heart along with characters you fall in love with and want to know more of.

The Stubborn Billionaire -

Lexxie Cooper - 4 Stars

Lexxie's writing as always is spot on and terrific!  Loved this story and wish there was more of it.  It's my only overall complaint about her work, it's so good, I wish it was LONGER!  It's not a short story or a novella by any means, but in depth back story would be fun and intriguing to read.  Loved the HEA and as always, look forward to reading more from this amazing Author from down under!

Hot Pursuit - Julie Ann Walker - 5 Stars

I have been a big fan of Julie’s writing and this series since the beginning and my favorite book in it to date has always been In Rides Trouble, until Hot Pursuit that is.  What had me hooked with this series and with her second book was the quick and witty dialogue whether inner or direct which emitted from her well thought out characters she created.  The only description I can use to give it justice is:  Pow, Pow, Pow and Pow!  It would have me laughing so hard, my side would hurt.  Same experience with Christian and Emily’s book, Hot Pursuit and what a surprise Christian turned out to be.  Not who I thought he would be at all, given he’s so vastly different from all the other Black Knights.  Like Becky, Emily held her own and it worked.  The chemistry between the two was electric and the sub stories within kept you engaged and wanting more.  This book, Hot Pursuit, officially moved Julie into my top ten favorite series of all time.  I don’t alter that list very often, but this offering secured her rank and was worth moving other writers down.  July cannot come fast enough as her fans, namely me, have been dying to know Angel’s story for years, and we’re finally going to get it.  I’m saddened it will be the end of this incredible journey for the Black Knights and the series, but she couldn’t have chosen a better character to leave until last.  Congratulations Julie on another phenomenal installment and I look forward to reading your others. 

The Final Score​ - Jaci Burton - 3 Stars

I have loved this series from the beginning and I’m sad to see it winding down.  This story fell flat for me.  I never felt a connection between the two characters other than sexually and Mia was a bit too selfish for my taste.  The ending of the story was disappointing and these two characters deserved more.  My overall rating is mainly based on the fact, this story was written by a ghost writer.  This is not Jaci’s work.  I could tell the parts she did contribute on, mainly the sex scenes as well as the sports ones, but the rest?  Not her.  Read the first book in the series, The Perfect Play, which I gave five stars to and you’ll see what I mean.  The repetitive structure of the writing grated on my last nerve and was the equivalent of a badly written soap opera script.  I’m critical of New York Times best-selling writer’s works for a reason, because they are on the list for their stellar writing as well as sales.  In a nutshell, this was someone going for their doctorate degree, being assigned the topic for their final thesis, deciding they didn’t like it and handing it off to a freshman to do it for them.  It just didn’t work.  I’ll read the next in the series because I sadly preordered it, but it will be the final purchase of this series for me because the writer has obviously given up on these characters and wishes to move on to other projects.  I can respect that, but I just wish she had thanked her fans with actually writing this book.

A Little Harmless Sex - Melissa Schroeder - 4 Stars

This is the first work by this author I have read and is book one in the Harmless Series.  I found the character development a bit shallow for my tastes and difficult to figure out.  There were times I wanted to smack Max around and Anna I found failed to bring the heat.  Max would switch personalities on a dime which I found giving me whiplash and Anna was just acting like a spoiled little brat.  In the end, the best friend factor wasn't established strong enough in my opinion, nor was the sexual chemistry.  The scenes were good, but in the end I felt a bit wanting for these two characters.  Great read if you want your typical alpha male/stubborn female romance with a tidy HEA ending.

Blowing it Off - Lexxie Couper - 3 Stars

Let me just pretense this review by saying that I FLOVE Lexxie's work. I gravitate to it when I need an escape and there is NO ONE in modern day fiction who does menage better than her. With that said, this first offering in this series proved you can write well, but if you don't well round your characters, chaos will ensue for the reader as they toss their reader across the room. I'm happy to report my tablet is fine. Her heroine Phoebe Masters needs a freaking backbone and to stick by her convictions. She drove me nuts to the point I was actually yelling at her at times. Oh stop, you all yell at the TV don't you? Oh, and for the two heroes in the story, Will and Damon? I wanted to beat those two wankers (an expression I've adopted) within an inch of their lives. They were too demanding, domineering and damn it if they never listened to her once. They negated her feelings and figured their prowess in the bedroom will make one forget everything. Not so much guys. Take turns at kicking your butts for me please. One star was knocked off for the characters having little to no chemistry and another for lack of condom usage. As a romance writer myself, I know their are a pain to incorporate, but it's important. These three have been away from each other for six months and they are just going to automatically trust each other and pick up where they left off? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I can't abandon my principles simply because of my adoration for this author. I have read the entire series at the time I write this review and I'm happy to report, it gets better.

The Chosen - J.R. Ward 5 Stars

Another amazing one from J.R. Ward!  Unconditional love, forgiveness, life in it's many ugly colors and I will not spoil who the Scribe Virgin's successor is, but OMG!  I'm still reeling from that decision!  To also get the backstory from Xcor's life was touching and to see him come full circle as well as the rest of The Band of Bastard's was a joy to read.  This writer weaves a glorious tale and no matter how painful it is to read certain things about character's we love, she helps us keep the faith along the way and eventually everything will work out in the end.  As always, I wait for the next installment excitedly and am happy to pass the time with her legacy series while I do.  A definite do not miss.

Ride Baby Ride - Vivian Arend - 4 Stars

I love Vivian's characters and the world she envisions them in. This story was a bit slow for me at times, but at the core of things as with most of Vivian's work, it has heart. I enjoyed the premise of the story and will continue to read her work.

Outback Lovers - Mari Carr & Lexxie Cooper 5 Stars 

We have now come to the book coma portion of the program and I am truly happy and ecstatic that I purchased this series. This final installment by these two authors was truly well done. Thanks to Lexxie Couper, I'm already sold on visiting Australia one day, but now thanks to these books, I will most definitely be taking a detour to visit the outback to stare at some "stockman" for a while simply because I can. No one can write a better menage story than Lexxie in my opinion and she truly conveys what's in the heart of all three characters involved. Fantastic series.

Easy Love - Kristen Proby - 4.5 Stars

I was first introduced to this authors work through her With Me in Seattle series and I quite enjoyed it even though it came off a bit too pretentious at times.  I’m relieved to announce the author has redeemed herself with this reader with this series - The Boudreaux Series.  The setup is similar to her With Me series in that the Boudreaux family is large, boisterous, fiercely protective and physically attractive.  This first book leads with the eldest of the brothers Eli and his sister’s college friend Kate who is brought in to investigate some embezzling going on in their family’s company.  The heat between the two lead characters is terrifically written with first-person POV’s written from both characters, which I love.  This installment intrigued me so much, I immediately purchased book two.  These works can be read as standalone, however, as a series writer myself, I always recommend reading books in the order the author intends.

One Starry Night - Olivia Cunning - 5 Stars

Finally, the writing of Olivia Cunning I fell in love with is back! While this is a brief novella, it was still filled with fantastic character development, hot sex scenes that makes your tablet overheat, leaves you wanting more and thankfully, she spelled the description for an orgasm correctly! I've been hard on this writer for that faux pas in several of my last reviews, and I'm relieved and delighted she took a hint. Her writing is too brilliant to dumb down to a B-rated erotica work, because these characters she's created and this series deserves so much more. I hope this isn't the last we've heard from the Sinners gang,and I know we have more to look forward to with the offspring series Exodus End, but eventually it will be time for Sinners to mature and where will this band go from here? How will they handle true success? Will they change? Will they remain the stellar group they are? Hopefully, time will tell.

Wild Ride - Julie Ann Walker 5 Stars

Fantastic addition to the series.  Finally Ozzie's book.  This adorable character you can't help but love finds it himself.  Julie's writing is crisp and clean and full of heart.  Suspense abounds and the reader is always given a taste of things to come and intrigued as to which characters should hook up next.  Love this series!

Revving it Up - Lexxie Couper - 4 Stars

Sami Charlton is a girl I can get on board with. Bad ass on a bike, owns her sexuality and makes no apologies for anything. Love this character. Jay, her mechanic is a tall glass of water on a hot day I enjoyed reading and Eli, the American motocross champion is a sexy thing you want to slap silly after you kissed him in order to put him in his place. I enjoyed this installment to the Stimulated Series much more than the first, however, I had to knock it down a star due to lack of condom usage with the Sami and Jay. Again, I know writing them into a scene is a pain and have pulled more hair out of my head trying to figure it out myself, but it's important. Women taking charge of their sexuality is important, protecting it is empowering.

Treasure Me - Mia Dymond 2 Stars

I love Mia's work, especially her Seals Inc. series, however, this offering left me incredibly disappointed. It was choppy in a lot of parts, character development left a lot to be desired, the suspense part of it all was weak and the ending of it all was a true let down. Now to explain the extremely low rating. I will never forgive the lack of a condom being used in a sex scene when two characters who barely know each other decide to act upon their lust for one another. There is ALWAYS time in the scene to break one out. Simply asking if she's got it covered will never do. There's far more to worry about out there than an unplanned pregnancy. We as writers have a social responsibility in this day and age to convey the non-fictional realities of story writing, especially when you write the story in present time. I won't give up on her work, and will more than likely download another one of her books, but another in this series will not be one of them.

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Switching It on - Lexxie Couper - 4 Stars

In book three of this series, the writer takes us on a journey about a couple on the precipice of divorce, but over something which didn't really happen. She guides the reader the through the why of it all, but taps into beautifully the consequences of what happens when you choose not to trust that one person you vowed to. Their sexual chemistry is incredible, but you can't help wondering why the main hero in the story Mike didn't fight harder in the beginning of this entire thing and figure out what he did in the end. If proclaim your innocence and are passionate about it, then first your spouse should believe you and work with you to prove it. This couple wasted a lot of time and went through too much unnecessary pain. They need to remember their professions as celebrities open the door for the crazies out there who wish to hurt them and should have begun with that. Her heroine left me disappointed and disjointed at times.

Outback Cowboy - Mari Carr & Lexxie Cooper 5 Stars 

Brilliant Book Two! The last review I left for this work was for the wrong book, but this is indeed for Outback Cowboy, book 2 in this series. I love the collaboration between the two authors and the finished product is one of beauty, brilliance and makes you want more. Dylan and Monet's story was not only sexy, but heartfelt. Unlike the first installment, this one tugs at the heartstrings more and you honestly feel the angst and emotion the writers wished to convey. Fantastic story and like all of Lexxie Couper's work, it ropes you into buying the next installment, for which, I will hit the buy button now thank you very much.

Outback Master - Mari Carr & Lexxie Cooper 5 Stars 

Another stunner in this series I couldn't put down. Hot is too small of a word to describe this book in the series, so how about, smoldering! I am a big fan of this author partnership and just like with the first two books in this series, it leaves me wanting more. A must read!

Rules of Contact - Jaci Burton 3 Stars

Oh dear, yet another dud from this acclaimed writer whom I just adore.  This series stands in the Top 20 of my most favored series, however, with this installment, it just dropped in the rankings.  What happened?  The first five books in this series are spectacular and then, it suddenly goes off the rails for me.  My overall review of this can be summed up in one word, "bleh".  To give this an accurate description of how this story felt to me, picture yourself sitting in front of the tube at home with your spouse and kids.  You decide to tune into the network's latest family friendly movie and because it's on one of the big three channels, you know you're in safe territory and can watch it with your kids.  PG throughout and then BAM!  A porno movie interrupts your regularly scheduled program.  You quickly cover your children's eyes and ears and rush them from the room.  The dialog and story line was so neutral at times, you kept asking yourself when the heat was going to be turned up.  The repeatativeness between the writer sharing with you what's going on in the character's head only to be regurgitated in the dialog got old after a while.  Then, when the sex scenes came into play, you fine yourself dazed and confused at how these two characters suddenly become filthy, dirty whores.  It just didn't make any sense.

No heat or connection between these two characters and a predictable ending that left me bored.  This series is a good one and the first five books are terrific, but after that, they grow more and more disjointed.  It's never a good thing to throw out the accusation that a ghost writer may have been involved, but after reading her last two contributions to this series, I'm giving that assumption a little more merit. 

The Bad Boy Next Door - Lexxie Couper 5 Stars

Hooks you in and grips you right from the start. No one can write a hotter sex scene than than this writer. You find yourself fanning your face from all the heat coming off of your tablet and then praying the thing doesn't zap out on you because of the words jumping off the page. The story is intriguing and like all of Lexxie's work, will intrigue you to the very end.

Broken - LS Silverli - 3 Stars

     This is the first book in the Savage Souls Series and a book I wish I could forget.  It’s taken me six months to write this review, for good reason.  I can’t seem to find a way to make it politically correct, as I’m a writer with harsh criticism of another.  In the end, I feel my opinion, is a valid one.  In the spirit of keeping the peace however, I am not copying this review to Goodreads.  I left a similar one on Amazon, but I believe this writer’s work is being published and the subsequent Kindle reviews were removed because of it.  This series is available however in paperback.
     While not poorly written, the warning of mature content was not strong enough and sensitive readers should beware.  The writing is not the reason for my low star review, but for what I said before, the warning of strong content should’ve been emphasized by the author.  When I discovered this writer was a former cop, it made my blood boil.  Being a public servant at one time, and no doubt having his fair share of domestic violence cases to work on as well as rape ones I’m sure, in my opinion, he knew better than to throw the reader into a world they are not prepared to read without a proper warning.  While I myself by the grace of God never went through these horrific things, I know too many women who have, and them stumbling across this material without a fair enough heads up could bring back nasty memories was careless of this former civil servant.  Yes, I do hold them in extreme high regard and expect a lot.  Unlike the bad guys out there in the world, I demand the men in white hats to have a moral center and more importantly, are empathetic to what victims of crime go through.  They are supposed to be on our side.
     As an author myself, I’m all too aware of the fine line fictional writers teeter on.  It’s easy to hide behind this word and take for granted the license it gives us with our creativity.  However, even in a make-believe world, we have a moral responsibility to our readers.  If the story is to be based on real life, and I believe it conveys the harsh reality of motorcycle clubs, then we as the story teller have an obligation to warn the visitors into our world of what they are about to experience.  Update the warning and be frank and honest.  I also recommend, a note from the author to add to it.  Yes, it will cost you sales, no doubt, but in the end, you will be doing the right thing.  The neglect by the writer to do this one simple thing is my only reason for not continuing this series.  Judge for yourself.  Read the sample first and if you decide to go along for the ride, get ready for a gritty tale unlike any you have ever read.

The Devil's Host MC - Shari Slade - 3 Stars

     Ah, serials.  I can’t stand them.  As a reader, it’s aggravating to be drip fed a few chapters of a book at a time and the wait in between in the end just annoys the heck out of me.  I didn’t realize this series fell into this category when I picked up the first book until it was too late.  I finally finished the fourth and final installment, and now I get to leave yet another crappy review all because the writer failed to do something so simple…just make it one damn book!

     The first two installments were well written and keep the reader intrigued and engaged.  Good writing, terrific editing but then in book three, things become sporadic.  Character development is good up until the fourth installment when she takes the female lead and attempts to turn her into a strong heroine willing to stand up for what she wants, but in the end, as with most romance writers, takes away her backbone.
     Now for my thoughts overall with the serial thing.  I get it, from a marketing perspective, it gets you more reviews and drives up your ranking with the online booksellers.  However, for the reader, it’s annoying as hell.  At least with this authors work, she didn’t milk me dry the way others have.  One NY Times Best Selling writer did and it forever put a bad taste in my mouth for this type of release of a story.  In the end, I paid twelve ninety-nine for all of them.  Okay, so you believe you can’t sell your well written story for that price in one installment?  That’s not faith in your work or yourself.  If this price is what you believe your readers should pay, then charge it.  Grow as set and do it.  This writer didn’t do that, in fact, I took advantage of the first book being free, and looked today and it appears as if books two and three are free as well now, but I wish she would have grouped them all together, charged my card three-ninety-nine and given me a better story.  I could have lived with that.  It also would have received four stars.

Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden 3.5 Stars

Liked this a lot. First ever time reading this writer's work and was quite impressed. I felt her hero was a bit too over the top at times, but maybe he'll relax in the second installment in this series. Worth trying out.

Show Me - Jaci Burton 4 Stars

A decent dip in the waters into the world of exhibitionism, but the heroine's attitude grated on my nerves. I think this shorter story from Jaci would have been best without the typical romantic HEA as with her other works, for it would have given it the edge it needed. Still enjoyable as is all her works and most readers I feel won't be disappointed.

Throttle Me - Chelle Bliss - 4 Stars

This is the first work I've ever read by this writer, and I liked it. While the formatting bothered me, making this book seem larger than it actually was, it kept me engaged and kept my finger swiping. I was disappointed in the lack of conflict or angst and scene transition not indicated by proper chapter breaks. I also felt the writer held back somewhat and bailed with the ending. A sweet HEA, but not enough to hook me into reading the rest in the series.

The Mistaken Billionaire - Lexxie Cooper - 5 Stars

I am beaming from head to toe after reading this book.  Being a huge Lexxie Couper fan, I can say next to Love’s Rhythm, it’s her best work.  The character development was spot on and I found myself smiling every single time I swiped my ereader.
     The one thing I love about Lexxie’s works is she somehow weaves beloved characters from her other ones in the current story line.  You find yourself sitting straighter and giggling at a mention of one of them, and then feel as if you just had a happy reunion with one of them.
     Thomas St. Clair was introduced in her book The Stubborn Billionaire and is now the star of this amazingly well-done story.  In SB, he came across as a bit of a player with women and pretty self-absorbed.  So, to learn his back story and read the real him was a treat.
     The premise of this story is downright brilliant and it was fun to read it play out page after page.  I think the reader will find themselves asking if they too are bitter about what should have been or are content with being grateful for what is now.  It’s an amazing message Lexxie sticks with during the entire story, and one you won’t be able to put down.

Easy Melody - Kristen Proby - 4 Stars

I'm remembering why I never listed Kristen's - With Me in Seattle - books in my Top 20 favorite series. Her characters are written shallow and never redeem themselves. The storylines are one dimensional. They are feel good stories with HEA's, but I need to read more humanity in her characters. This book is a great addition to the series but I can see where the rest of the books are headed and therefore, won't be making the investment to finish it.

Brighter Than The Sun - Maya Banks 5 Stars

Finally, Maya is back!  I've been rather critical of her last two works in this series, and she more than redeemed herself in this installment.  Yes, while we're still dangling over a cliff about Sean and Rusty, she has to leave some sort of breadcrumb trail for us to keep coming back to, and we will.  Poignant and touching, the author tackles the issue of how others can be cruel to us, but we alone can be vicious to ourselves.  Huge props to this award winning author and her fans will love that the original spirit of this series has returned.

His Suspicious Ways -

Lexxie Cooper - 4 Stars

Amazing suspense novel from Lexxie Cooper I enjoyed immensely.  The build up to the sex scenes was at times too much to bear, but then suddenly, Lexxie delivered.  Intrigue and suspense reigned throughout and you found yourself truly feeling for these characters.  Another amazing read from a stellar writer.

The Good Girl in My Bed - Lexxie Couper 5 Stars

Oh, to read this entirely from Lucas' point of view was amazing!  The power behind not only his strength physically but mentally was a joy to read and I'm thrilled she'll be continuing this series in two more books to this series.  Again, wish they were longer, but all of the pages are filled with such angst, emotion and raw lust, it actually doesn't bother you when it suddenly ends.  Looking forward to more Lucas and Ronnie and this world she created.  However, she needs to answer the mystery of why a Marine would be called Fluffy.  LOL  

Easy Charm - Kristen Proby - 4 Stars

The second installment in the Boudreaux Series features the youngest of the Boudreaux sisters Gabby and Kate’s cousin Rhys, a Chicago Cubs pitcher who is out for the season due to a torn rotator cuff.  Being forced to sit out the rest of the season, Rhys heads down to the Big Easy for some R&R and to get his arm back into shape so he can rejoin the Cubs.  Immediately falling head over heels for the inn keeper Gabby, the book follows their journey along with addressing the complications of falling in love with a single mother.  My deduction in the star rating was due to repetition about the weather.  It drives me up a wall.  In doing your research writers, and if the environmental elements puzzle you but you insist on making said environment your backdrop for the story, simply ask someone who lives there why they choose to live in the stifling heat and the humidity.  Constantly justifying that it was cool enough to actually stand outside because there was a breeze made my eyes roll one too many times.  A lot of southerners welcome being a bit uncomfortable, because anything beats freezing to death in the snow.  Anyway, looking forward to Declan’s story, let’s hope this is the last we’ve heard about the weather in New Orleans.

Plugging It In - Lexxie Couper - 4 Stars

Brilliant character development in R.G. Bailey and her lover, Ruckus. Bran is introduced later in the tale and you can't help but root for Ruckus and in the end, for all three to have their HEA. I would have liked this story to have been longer to see the dynamic between all three be better formulated, but for it's length, Lexxie delivers. No one write menage better than her and while book 2 in this series is my favorite, this is a close second. I dropped it a star due to lack of condom usage with the two main characters as a commitment between them was not established. Again, a pain to write to put them in, but there's a way in every situation and in every scene.

Outback Princess - Mari Carr & Lexxie Cooper 5 Stars

I'm unfamiliar with Mari Carr's work, but thanks to this collaboration with one of my all time favorite writers Lexxie Cooper, I'm about to find out more about her. This read was a delight and even more so because it was FREE! If you ever want to try out an Aussie's work, you have no more excuses! The writing is spot on brilliant, the story line is funny and engaging and the sex is hot and steamy throughout. Immediately downloaded the next and am looking forward to Dylan's story. After that, I'm thinking of booking my own flight to Oz.

Fuel for Fire - Julie Ann Walker - 5 Stars

Another amazing addition to the Black Knight Series!

I'm a huge fan of this series and these characters. The sizzling heat between these two characters has been due to ignite for a long time and the author doesn't disappoint. Her action scenes are incredible and the romance scenes leave you wanting more. I look forward to Christian's book and can only pray Angel will finally have his book as well. Incredible series.

Undeserving - Madeline Sheehan - 5 Stars

The heart and soul of these characters comes alive once again.  I truly enjoyed this look back into Preacher's life and the surprises along with twists and turns had me enthralled to the very end.  I love this series and the writers first work Undeniable has still never left my mind and probably never will.  I look forward to ZZ's book and can only hope we won't have to wait years for it's release.  A triumph!

Nothing Personal - Jaci Burton 4 Stars

Fantastic work by an author I gravitate to often. While one of her earlier works, she still brings the heat along with the heart her fans have grown accustomed to. Why knock it down a star? Not enough character development in my opinion on the side of the hero in this book and it's short length. However, beggars can't be choosers with a free read from BN can then? Worth downloading and a good escape.

Outsider - Olivia Cunning 3.5 Stars

Okay, the first reason for the lower review is once again, the author, who I believe is a brilliant and intelligent writer insists on using a three letter word to describe an orgasm. This is a constant poke in the eye to me and I just can't let it go. You can let that spelling go outside of erotica, I promise. The second reason for my lower than average score is the transitions between scenes in the chapters. They became confusing after a while. The only thing I can attribute to that was her editor trying to save word count. Chapter breaks, no matter how many, would have benefited this story and held back my proverbial going back to a page flip to see if I missed something.  Now, onto to the story review. Loved it in that the writer tackles a difficult subject that not many choose too. She didn't shy away from the fact that while there are those of us in this life that choose to live our lives no matter what anyone else says and have good support systems; there are still a greater number out there that can't live that way without losing what is precious to them, and in most cases, it's their family. The author presented all three points of view well in this unique dynamic while at the same time showing us the growing bond between the three main characters. She didn't disappoint with bringing things full circle and giving us the happy ending we've grown accustomed to with her work. Great spin off series and love that Sinners is alive and well in this installment for those that may be going through withdrawal.  I implore this writer to please stop using that three letter slang and embrace spelling it correctly.

Balls Up - Lexxie Couper 5 Stars

Excellent addition to this series as always, but I'm beginning to feel as if the writer is letting us taste the most decadent ice cream ever and then snatching it away from us with these shortened versions. Write more Lexxie! I want these books to be longer because I love her writing, these characters and this world she has weaved. One of the best writers if you are craving a bit of m/m action and the story will leave you tingling in satisfaction. No character in this Heart of Fame series is left without their story being told. Great job once again. This writer is my rock star!