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By the time the Miami chapter came about, the book was already at a staggering 260,000 words.  So something had to go.  The party celebrating the final show for the Aftermath Tour was decided to be that chapter.  In the end, I was having a hard time linking it to the rest of the story line (except for Cole's and John's piece) and it just ended up not working.   So I decided to ditch it and delete it from the final product.  Not even my beta readers have read this, so enjoy each male member of Hells Redemption's Miami Morning After!

Deleted Scenes from Redemption

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Welcome to the Metal Prodigy Music Page!

*Note - Hells Redemption is a Fictional Band Featured in the

Metal Prodigy Series by J.S. Snow*

For Entertainment Purposes Only

A Little Naughty & A Little Nice

       What can I say...I love my characters...especially my totally ripped characters that make up the fictional band Hells Redemption.  They are just a dream to write because they can be as sexy as I want them to be.  Here's how I see them in my head at times when I need to go to my "happy place" when I'm just having a bad day.

     Periodically I like to post excerpts or promotional blurbs for Redemption, you'll find those here as well.  Not to mention some inspirational stuff I like too.  Have fun!

Music for me in general is a passion of mine.  My favorite genre of music of course being Heavy Metal.  The very first concert I ever attended was twenty nine years ago and it was a one hit wonder group called Autograph.  Now for those of you in my age group, if that band's name sounds familiar, their one hit wonder was called "Turn Up the Radio".  I met them at a signing at a music store in a mall in Salt Lake City where I bought their tape and they all signed it.  The feeling was utterly surreal.

    A few years later I attended one of the greatest concerts I've ever attended, Journey.  It was their Raised on Radio Tour and Steve Perry was still their lead singer at the time.  I had stood in line (that's how we rolled back in the old days) in the early hours of the morning outside the venue along with other die hard fans and scored floor seats seventeen rows back.  It's a memory that I'll never forget.

   This story has been in my head now since the late 80's.  It's far different than it's original concept as are the characters I wrote featured in the fictional Heavy Metal group Hells Redemption.

    These guys in my head are not a one hit wonder band, nor are they journey by any means.  They are a thrash metal band that when heard in my head, sounding like three bands that I love.  System of a Down, Bullet for my Valentine and Five Finger Death Punch.  And you can throw in a little Avenged Sevenfold for good measure if you'd like.  Their visual inspiration comes from a band that I adore, while they don't sound like Hell's Redemption in my head, they look like them in my opinion.  Pop Evil.  If you haven't yet heard them, check them out, they are amazing!

     Hells Redemption's two bass sound and the rapid riffs of the guitars amp up the speed of the three inspiration bands  mentioned before, so bam... now you have Hells Redemption!

     Clicking on the links below you can learn more about the band members.  Check back to this portion of the site, as I add to it all the time.  

     Until then... enjoy!  - Love J.S.